zaterdag, december 29, 2012

Over tuinieren

Een citaat over tuinieren van Andrew Weill is mij uit het hart gegrepen: 'Gardening is indispensable. It does elevate.
My passion for gardening may strike some as selfish, or merely an act of resignation in the face of overwhelming problems that beset the world. It is neither. I have found that each garden is just what Voltaire proposed in Candide: a microcosm of a just and beautiful society. In the world at large, people are rewarded or punished in ways that are often utterly random. In the garden, cause and effect, labor and reward, are re-coupled. Gardening makes sense in a senseless world. By extension, then, the more gardens in the world, the more justice, the more sense is created.

Gardening is also the most religious activity I know. The word "religion" stems from the Latin "religio" which means to bind or connect again. The re-connection one experiences in the garden is no vague metaphor; it is a specific, literal rejoining of our life-enhancing relationship with the earth, combining gentle exercise, exposure to the sun, intimate contact with nature, and right activity to produce both beauty and fresh, nutritious food. The ancient bonds that held these together have been violently sundered by the last 200 years of industrial "progress," and left most of us vastly poorer for it.'

Tuinieren is zorgen voor lichamelijk... en geestelijk voedsel en dat, niet door abstract te filosoferen maar door concreet en lichamelijk in de grond te wroeten.

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Juffrouw Waardvleugel zei

Via ia op je blog gekomen. Leuk, ik ben direct een volger geworden. Heerlijk he, de TUIN. Nu en altijd. Hartelijke groet,

Juffrouw Waardvleugel zei

Via via dus....;)

maurice godefridi zei

Dank voor je reactie. Welkom