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Garlic and respiratory infections

Knoflook is de laatste jaren vooral bekend voor zijn cholesterolverlagende werking, daarbij zouden we vergeten dat deze Allium sativum al duizenden jaren tegen epidemies en infecties gebruikt wordt. Wat recentere onderzoekjes bewijzen dat ook nog eens.

This trial reminds us not to forget garlic (Allium sativum). Capsules of Allicor brand garlic preparation equivalent to 300 mg day of dry garlic powder were administered in a dou ble blind placebo-controlled trial for five months to 42 chil dren (41pla cebo) aged 10-12 years old. At the end of the study, the treated chil dren had 70% fewer re spi ra tory in fections. An index of overall health showed the treated children scored 50% higher (Adrianova et al.)

An earlier trial also showed effetiveness at prevention of respiratory infections. An allicin-containing garlic capsule was given to volunteers for a 12 week period between November and February at the height of cold and flu sea son. Compared to placebo the garlic group had a highly significant 63% fewer respiratory infections, with a 70% shorter duration of symptoms (Josling)
Garlic may act to prevent viral infections by increasing the number and or activity of T-killer cells, a primary defense against virus-infected cells (Abdullah et al; Ishikawa et al) and may also promote the lymphocytes and antigen-presenting cells of the specific immunesystem (Lau et al).
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