vrijdag, november 13, 2009

Ashwaganda of andere adaptogene planten
zijn goed te gebruiken in de overgang van het ene seizoen naar het andere. Het zijn niet voor niks planten die ons helpen met aanpassen, adapteren. Zeker als we via de media zo gedreigd worden met die onverbiddelijke varkensgriep, kunnen deze planten ons een handje helpen.

Bij deze wat info over recent wetenschappelijk onderzoek met Withania somnifera uit het tijdschrift HerbalGram

Ashwagandha – The Energy Builder
The Northern Hemisphere is entering the cold and flu season complicated this year by the fear of the H1N1 flu strain. Since people with compromised immune systems are at the most risk, it makes sense to strengthen the immune system with supplements such as vitamins A and C and colloidal silver. However, the best defense against the winter ailments as well as the environmental stressors often experienced at this time of year is to have a strong, vital body.

Ashwagandha, also known as winter cherry or withania, is an Ayurvedic herb that is used in the same manner that traditional Chinese medicine uses ginseng. HerbalGram 070593-387 covers a randomized, controlled trial which evaluated the use of ashwagandha in chronically stressed subjects. The researchers found that ashwagandha effectively lowered cortisol levels and C-reactive protein as well as improved stress scores.

Ayurveda states that ashwagandha "gives the vitality and sexual energy of a horse." The herb is used to strengthen the reproductive, nervous, and respiratory systems. Ayurveda doctors prescribe ashwagandha for conditions such as general debility, nervous exhaustion, overwork, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, rheumatism, skin afflictions, anemia, infertility, coughs, and difficulty breathing. It is a gentle herb as it is used in both the elderly and children. Ashwagandha shares the dual nature of being a rejuvenative and aphrodisiac as well as a nervine and sedative.

It is often used in a milk decoction as well as in medicated ghee (clarified butter) and medicated oil. When taken with milk, honey and/or basmati rice can be added. Used in this way, ashwagandha is thought to inhibit aging and regenerate the system. The herb is considered sattvic (restores balance) and promotes deep, dreamless sleep.

Ashwaganda is een Indische plant, die ook in Europa goed te kweken is. Zelf maak ik regelmatig tinctuur van de wortel. Zie afbeelding.

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